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aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
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and MariaDB
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What's New

2021-08-09 important note
For those who is getting 'The operating system is not presently configured to run this application' error on data diff. That's a known issue of the Office version '16.0.14228.20204'. More information and work around from Microsoft here and a bit more with participation of AccdbMerge author here, see comments from Aug 03 and Aug 04. As a temporary solution from AccdbMerge side that does not require any actions with Office - you can enable 'Use DB Engine from Access Application' toggle in the toolbar.
1.19.0, 2021-07-28
- Free & Pro: Tab toolbar actions moved inside tab, into the panel splitter
- Free & Pro: Project tab - Tables renamed to Table definitions
- Free & Pro: Changed Table definitions icon
- Free & Pro: Enable legacyUnhandledExceptionPolicy to avoid crash after background thread error
- Free & Pro: Fix unknown error on opening invalid *.acdms file
- Free & Pro: Handle open help page failure
- Free & Pro: More usage of system control background color
- Free & Pro: Improve settings stability by using read/write retry attempts
- Free & Pro: Fix some cases of NullReferenceException on single project open in Project tab and single right project loaded object list
- Pro: Project tab - Show all/new/changed actions supported
- Pro: Text diff - Fix loading from command line
- Pro: Text diff - Fix NullReferenceException on view/query compare data
1.18.7, 2021-05-20
- Free & Pro: Updated instanceId algorithm to reduce collisions on trial registrations
1.18.6, 2021-05-18
- Free & Pro: 'Compare selected' option made available for Tables
- Free & Pro: Object list - allow selection of tables and references
1.18.5, 2021-04-19
- Free & Pro: Toolbar - showing tooltips on disabled buttons, with disable reason
- Free & Pro: Make deletion shortcut as Ctrl+D as mentioned by tooltip and help page
- Free & Pro: Object list - improve performance of show all/new/changed for large object lists
- Free & Pro: Object list - improve performance of batch selection for large object lists
- Free & Pro: Improve performance of database loading (final 'compare' stage)
- Free & Pro: Increase row heights of some grids (to be the same as for data diff)
- Pro: Table structure diff - hide 'compare data' actions if table exist only on one side (was causing unknown error)
1.18.4, 2021-03-15
- Free & Pro: DB engine error dialog simplified
- Free & Pro: Object list - fix unknown error on Ctrl+R shortcut
- Free & Pro: Database loading - suggest to check AccdbMerge & Access 32/64 bitness in case of 0x80029c4a error
- Pro: Text diff - 'Ignore form/layout version and checksum' renamed to 'Ignore form/layout noise and now also excludes NoSaveCTIWhenDisabled which can be multiplied
- Pro: Batch Data Diff - fix N/A Total for Total only calculation if 'Generate report' checked
- Pro: Batch Data Diff - control options and labels simplified
- Free: Data diff - fix truncation to 1000 rows on the first app run
1.18.3, 2021-03-01
- Free & Pro: Project tab - fix some cases of missing Changed and New+Changed counts for adp files
- Free & Pro: Project tab - fix some cases of missing Changed and New+Changed count resets on loading mde/accde/ade after mdb/accdb/adp
1.18.2, 2021-02-25
- Free & Pro: Fix app start failure caused by FIPS
- Free & Pro: Project reload dialog simplified
- Free & Pro: Focus on the opened tab content
- Pro: Data diff - added button to open table structure diff, 'Field mapping' changed to button
- Pro: Table structure diff - added buttons to compare data (all and new&changed)
- Pro: Text diff - added buttons to compare data for queries (all and new&changed)
- Pro: Query result diff - handle invalid queries (was causing unexpected error)
- Pro: 'Query key columns' and 'Custom data diff' dialogs: show any error raised during uniqueness check and suggest to enable 'Use DB Engine from Access application' for queries
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix failure caused by mapping duplicates
1.18.1, 2020-12-23
- Free & Pro: 'Warn about Access windows' dialog
- Free & Pro: Database objects merge/delete - handing and showing errors reported by Access in the progress popup (instead of unhandled exception)
- Free & Pro: Data diff - apply OS visual stypes for data diff grid, which can also fix potential AccessViolation errors related to tooltips
- Free & Pro: Data diff - mark key columns in headers
- Free & Pro: Fix parallel app start error 'The process cannot access the file Settings.xml because it is being used by another process.'
- Pro: Data diff - 'No comparison key(s)' and 'Sorting on non-key column(s)' result warnings
- Pro: Project tab - restore batch data diff actions for tables and queries
1.18.0, 2020-11-14
- Free & Pro: 64-bit executable added to msi, installed both x32 and x64
- Free & Pro: New instanceId algorithm (to reduce collisions), updated trial activation server and logic
- Free & Pro: DBE error dialog updated
- Free & Pro: Handling AccessViolationException if any
- Pro: Data diff - fix lost focus of grid on selection and jump previous/next from toolbar
- Pro: Project tab - export to Excel
- Pro: Project tab - 'from path in clipboard' action
- Pro: Fix 'unknown error dialog' on cancellation of project load from command line
1.17.2, 2020-10-18
- Pro: Text diff - ability to show new/changed lines only
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix occasional ArgumentOutOfRangeException error on mouse scroll
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix error on closing empty tab
1.17.1, 2020-10-11
- Pro: Data diff - fix failure on changed mappinig count in 'Field mapping' (was broken by 1.17.0)
- Pro: Data diff - fix copy to clipboard toolbar action (was broken by 1.17.0)
1.17.0, 2020-10-10
- Free & Pro: Min required .net framework version changed to 4.7.2, discontinued support of Window XP and Vista, min supported Windows version now Windows 7 SP1
- Free & Pro: Data diff - completely new grid controls to fix some coloring glitches on large grids
- Free & Pro: Data diff - reduce memory leaks
- Free & Pro: Data diff - showing blank triangles on sortable columns
- Free & Pro: Ability to cancel execution in progress modal (open files, merge, batch data diff)
- Free & Pro: Open databases progress - single progress modal for both opened files, wait for changes calculation
- Free & Pro: Showing progress on object deletion and table structure changes
- Pro: Data Diff, Object List - consider new items block from one side followed by new block on other side as a jump target for new/previous change actions
- Free: Data diff - allow to sort on single primary key column
1.16.2, 2020-07-23
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix NULL redraw issue, could appear for non-NULL values
1.16.1, 2020-05-09
- Free & Pro: Suggest to repair Office on potentionally broken Access.Application COM object registration (was shown as unexpected NullReferenceException previously)
- Free & Pro: Don't show 'Unknown error' dialog for out-of-memory errors and valid application errors like missing internet connection on trial activation
- Free & Pro: Project tab - fixed recent right file action tooltips
- Pro: fix missing suggestion to merge all pages if current page (merge source or deletion target) has any deleted records
- Free: compiled accde and mde files added to file filter in file open dialog
1.16.0, 2020-01-25
- Free & Pro: Data diff - show NULL values explicitely
- Free & Pro: Data diff - grid interaction performance improvements
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog
- Pro: fix some cases of data diff failures when only one project is loaded
1.15.4, 2020-01-10
- Free & Pro: Project tab - added 'Recent projects' bottom panel
1.15.3, 2019-07-18
- Free & Pro: online help on F1 keyboard shortcut
- Free & Pro: find tab - acceleration keys, Alt+S (search for), Alt+L (left project) Alt+R (right project), Alt+W (match whole word), Alt+C (match case), Alt+X (use regex)
- Free & Pro: minor tooltip text update for select all/none actions
1.15.2, 2019-07-12
- Free & Pro: fix broken 'ignore version and checksum' for reports
- Free & Pro: deny visual (not actual) object/row deletion from some data grids (object list, data diff, query result diff, table structure diff, custom data diff)
- Free & Pro: activation dialog - help text minor updates
- Free: Object list - hide top counts panel (was broken in 1.15.1)
1.15.1, 2019-06-25
- Pro: fix broken field properties loading (__ComObject error, was broken by 1.15.0)
- Free: object list - hide bottom panel (was broken by 1.15.0)
1.15.0, 2019-06-22
- Free & Pro: Improved project load and Access releasing stability, showing Access release action in progress popup
- Free & Pro: Tab icons
- Free & Pro: Project panel object type icons
- Free & Pro: Dynamic tab header width
- Free & Pro: Some tab-specific actions moved to the separate toolbar
- Pro: Object list - text diff preview in the bottom
- Pro: Settings - 'max tab header width' on Appearance tab
1.14.4, 2019-05-19
- Pro: Diff overview in scrollbar (for object list, data diff, text diff, batch data diff, query result diff, field list in table structure diff)
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix some jump prev/next issues related to sorting
1.14.3, 2019-03-23
- Pro: Batch data diff column sorting
- Free: remember 'Don't ask me again' for project reload dialog
- Free & Pro: DBE dialog minor updates
1.14.2, 2019-03-01
- Free & Pro: Exclude DBE 2010 from installation, provide more 2010 & 2016 download links
- Free & Pro: Data diff, Query result diff - better Access app dispose in 'Use DB engine from Access' mode
- Free & Pro: Project tab - 'reload' action
- Free & Pro: Project reload warning and options
- Free & Pro: Zoom button splinted into separate zoom in / zoom out buttons
- Free & Pro: Initial license window keyboard navigation improvements, updated Help text
- Free & Pro: Improved processing of unexpected failures
- Free & Pro: MSI: updated product name with default installation path (removed 'Pro'), updated website URL
- Pro: Command line - more password-protected arguments
1.14.1, 2019-01-15
- Pro: Batch data diff - report generation and access keys
- Pro: Query result diff - access keys
- Pro: 'Custom data diff' and 'Query key fields' dialogs - fix 'not unique' error message, it was showing 'left' both for left and right sides
1.14.0, 2018-10-25
- Free & Pro: Use Access application DB engine if no other available
- Free & Pro: 'Replace' and 'Compare selected' actions in object list (with limitations for tables, relations and references)
- Free & Pro: Project tab - use grid to show and highlight counts
- Free & Pro: Update accessibility warning with 2019 max version
1.12.2, 2018-10-14
- Pro: Quick filter (Alt+F) for Object List and Batch Data Diff
1.12.1, 2018-10-11
- Free & Pro: Data diff - 'Case insensitive' and 'Ignore whitespace' string compare options
- Pro: Field properties - removed Description added most of general (UnicodeCompression, IMEMode, IMESentenceMode, TextFormat, TextAlign, AppendOnly, ShowDatePicker) and all lookup (DisplayControl, RowSourceType, RowSource, BoundColumn, ColumnCount, ColumnHeads, ColumnWidths, ListRows, ListWidth, LimitToList, AllowMultipleValues, AllowValueListEdits, ListItemsEditForm, ShowOnlyRowSourceValues) properties
- Free & Pro: Table structure diff - freeze Name columns
- Pro: Query result diff - fixed broken query execution after fixed SQL error
- Pro: Show field properties if only one project loaded
- Pro: Table structure diff - fixed possible false diff detection in case of 'Compare field properties' option
- Pro: Query result diff - disable show new/changed and selection actions if there is no result
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix error on record selection column click
- Free & Pro: minor progress frame appearance improvements
1.12.0, 2018-08-01
- Free & Pro: Main window zoom
- Free & Pro: Show all dialogs centered by main application window
- Pro: Settings -> Table Structure Diff: "Compare indexes" option
- Pro: Consider index as changed if it has changed Primary/Unique/IgnoreNulls flags (earlier it was taking into account only index fields)
1.11.12, 2018-06-28
- Free&Pro: Text diff - show line numbers
- Pro: Text diff - sync horizontal scroll in bottom panel
- Pro: Object list - allow to indent SQL queries by default
- Pro: Fix "object invalid or no longer set" error on tables loading for some mdw-protected files
1.11.11, 2018-05-08
- Free&Pro: Fix copy to clipboard error (CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN)
1.11.10, 2018-01-23
- Free&Pro: First run check for Access and Database Engine availability, suggestion to install Database Engine
- Free&Pro: Object list - adjust Name column width to take more available space
- Pro: Project tab - drilldown to batch data diff
1.11.9, 2017-10-31
- Free&Pro: Fix "Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.Dao'" error (was happened at least in some cases of Office 365)
- Free&Pro: Check DB Engine availability during file open
- Pro: Improve "Load field properties" performance
1.11.8, 2017-09-27
- Free&Pro: Fix few "Ignore all whitespaces" bugs (button state, settings saving, combination with leading/trailing whitespace option)
1.11.7, 2017-09-26
- Free&Pro: "Ignore all whitespaces" text compare option
- Pro: "Compare field properties" table structure diff setting
1.11.6, 2017-05-08
- Free&Pro: Fix some cases of mdb form/report/module diff failure
1.11.5, 2017-03-06
- Free&Pro: Fix "object reference not set" errors on drilldown to text diff from Find and from Object list
- Free&Pro: Hide "new+changed" for compiled objects (it is not valid since "changed" is not calculated)
- Pro: Basic adp/ade files support
- Pro: deny try to merge/delete if any side can not be changed (for example for compiled modules)
1.11.4, 2016-11-01
- Pro: 'Ignore binary content' forms & reports text diff option
- Pro: 'Ignore version and checksum' forms & reports text diff option
1.11.3, 2016-06-07
- Free&Pro: objects merge/delete performance improvements (load only new objects after import, don't reload all after delete)
- Free&Pro: allow to close hanged progress popup in case of unexpected errors
- Pro: keep dbAttachSavePWD table attributes during table import
1.11.2, 2016-05-21
- Pro: Import tables with data
1.11.1, 2016-05-17
- Free&Pro: remember last path of left/right file open dialog
- Free&Pro: update only affected object types after objects import/delete
- Free&Pro: objects import/delete progress
- Pro: Default 'Ignore whitespace' settings
1.11.0, 2016-02-10
- Free&Pro: Project tab - added 'new+changed' count
- Free&Pro: freeze row selection column
- Pro: RegEx search
- Pro: Excel export - using text format for text data, preventing Excel to reformat data
1.10.8, 2016-02-03
- Free&Pro: data diff - updated merge&delete confirmation dialog
- Pro: data diff - ability to merge&delete all pages
- Pro: data diff - ability to adjust field mapping in data diff
1.10.7, 2015-12-09
- Pro: Custom data diff - ability to merge (if target recordset allows)
1.10.6, 2015-11-24
- Free&Pro: data diff - treat dbText and dbMemo as comparable data types
- Pro: Query result diff - initialize right query text with left one on 'split query'
1.10.5, 2015-11-07
- Free&Pro: more user-friendly DB engine / Microsoft Access communication errors
1.10.4, 2015-10-08
- Free&Pro: fixed numbers comparison when sides have different numeric data types
1.10.3, 2015-09-23
- Free&Pro: Microsoft Access 2016 support
1.10.2, 2015-07-16
- Pro: Updated data retrieval technique, removed dependency on ACE OLE DB provider (this could fix some issues in batch data diff, custom data diff and query data diff)
- Pro: improved query key fields dialog usability (focus on the list and select first item by default)
- Free: ability to get a Pro trial
1.10.1, 2015-05-26
- Free&Pro: Added keyboard shortcuts for multiple actions
- Free&Pro: Data diff - first data merge confirmation
- Free: removed data diff, merge and delete limitations related to number of key fields and their data type
- Free: introduced single-instance Find tab
1.10.0, 2015-04-20
- Pro: 'Query result diff' tool
- Pro: Query data diff - updatable query now can be a target of the merge/delete action
- Pro: Query data diff - paging
- Pro: Custom data diff - paging
- Pro: Batch data diff - F5 shortcut for 'Run' action
- Pro: Next/Previous change shortcuts (Alt+Down and Alt+Up respectively)
1.9.7, 2015-03-22
- Pro: fix 'Cannot open any more tables' custom data diff error
1.9.6, 2015-02-28
- Free & Pro: records and objects deletion (for only those records/objects which can be selected, selectability logic was not updated and based on ability to merge)
- Free & Pro: close dialogs on Esc
- Free & Pro: minor file open progress improvements
- Pro: Custom data diff - remove on-click focus&editing (was not convenient for scrolling after click on dropdown columns)
- Pro: Batch data diff export to excel - fixed broken column labels
1.9.5, 2015-02-20
- Pro: fixed 'No current record' error for some multivalue and attachment data comparison cases
1.9.4, 2014-12-19
- Pro: fixed 'Offset and length were out of bounds' in the custom data diff during scroll of the big mappings list
1.9.3, 2014-12-09
- Pro & Free: allow data diff for read-only files
- Pro & Free: improved data merge error handling
1.9.2, 2014-11-20
- Pro & Free: improved file open error handling and stability
- Free: 'Submit full license key' in 'About license' window
1.9.1, 2014-11-16
- Free: Object list - fixed UI layout issue in the left panel
- Pro: Custom data diff - minor UI adjustments
1.9.0, 2014-11-10
- Pro & Free: fix error "'System.Windows.Documents.Run' is not a Visual or Visual3D"
- Pro: Custom data diff - compare any tables and query with ability to specify custom field mapping
1.8.1, 2014-10-13
- Pro & Free: select row on click outside of table columns for table structure diff
- Pro: select row on click outside of table columns for batch data diff
- Pro: move previous/next change in the object list, table structure diff and batch data diff
- Pro: show all/new/changed in the batch data diff
1.8.0 (Pro & Free), 2014-09-25
- Pro & Free: common binary package
- Pro & Free: for narrow tables - select row on click outside of table columns
- Pro & Free: fixed selection gray out for tables and references
- Pro: simplified trial/puchased license activation UI
- Free: installation package (not portable anymore)
- Free: removed header panel in object list and data diff
- Free: improved SQL indent, indent SQL button
- Free: file open progress
- Free: text diff, data diff and object list - synchronise row selection
- Free: performance improvements
1.7.9 (Pro), 2014-09-12
- fixed "Cannot open any more tables" data merge error
1.7.8 (Pro), 2014-08-17
- compression of form and report definitions ("Enable compression" option on the "Text Diff" settings tab)
- report "out of memory" forms & reports loading errors
- text diff view memory usage and performance improvements
- object list memory usage and performance improvements
- wrap text in the progress window
1.7.7 (Pro), 2014-07-28
- fixed N/A in batch data diff for tables with large text (dbMemo) fields
- fixed click on query from batch data diff (join keys are not required to show the SQL text view)
- added "Ignore table link options" setting
- added "Indent SQL text" button
- improved SQL indentation
1.7.6 (Pro), 2014-07-10
- fixed "Length cannot be less than zero" error in the Find tab
- fixed "You must use the dbSeeChanges.." error in the data merge for MSSQL linked tables
1.7.5 (Pro), 2014-04-08
- added default forms & reports diff mode configuration (module/layout/both)
1.7.4 (Pro), 2014-03-26
- fixed first run application start error
0.5.8, 2014-03-21
- text diff view - fixed underscore ('_') visibility
- fixed object lists sorting
1.7.3 (Pro), 2014-03-21
- added support of "Allow Zero Length" field property
- added all/none object selection in the file open properties dialog
- added default case sensitivity application option
- fixed broken field order on import multiple fields
- fixed alt-tab behavior for dialogs
- text diff view - fixed underscore ('_') visibility
- fixed object lists sorting
- fixed simultaneous horizontal&vertical scrolling synchronization for wide data grids
- removed old paging limitation comments in the Settings windows (that are currently not valid anymore)
1.7.2 (Pro), 2014-03-05
- fixed false mde/accde detection that could lead to not comparable modules, forms and reports
1.7.1 (Pro), 2014-02-25
- ability to deploy multiuser license key during installation
1.7.0 (Pro), 2014-01-29
- ability to load only particular object types
1.6.0 (Pro), 2013-12-11
- tables object list - tables import (without data, can be imported separately using data merge)
- tables object list - displaying a link icon for the linked tables
- table structure diff view - displaying linked table connection and source table name
- fixed bug "CascadeUpdate and CascadeDelete appear to be reversed in Relations object list"
- fixed bug when relations could be selected and merged without dependent tables
- fixed bug "The SELECT statement includes a reserved word or an argument name that is misspelled or missing, or the punctuation is incorrect" in case of data merge when tables has different first fields
1.5.0 (Pro), 2013-11-23
- data diff - sorting
- data diff - improved performance
- data diff - removed paging limitations on fields count, security settings and multivalue/attachment/binary fields
- data diff - fixed some bugs next/previous change action across pages
0.5.7, 2013-11-04
- fixed "Input string was not in a correct format" error on file open
1.4.1 (Pro), 2013-10-12
- allow offline trial activation
0.5.6, 2013-10-11
- object list - case insensitive object name comparison
1.4.0 (Pro), 2013-09-23
- data diff - paging (with some limitations: compatible primary keys, not more than 50 fields, common security settings and no multivalue/attachment/binary fields)
- data diff - multivalue/attachment/binary support
- data diff - updated logic for tables with no keys, fixed some issues
- object list - case insensitive object name comparison
- text diff - per-character diff only for selected line (to improve performance)
1.3.4 (Pro), 2013-09-05
- table structure export to Excel
- fixed highlight of changed properties for Indexes and Relationships sections of the table structure diff
- 'All files (*.*)' file open filter added, support for any file as command line argument
- fixed file open failure in case of broken vba reference
- multi-user license support
- displaying license owner in the application title
0.5.5, 2013-08-23
- updated data diff algorythm: fixed data types compatibility issues, improved performance, introduced limitation for a number of fields
- digital signature added
- fixed broken column width synchronisation in data diff
- more stable handling of database locks during project load and object import
- updated color scheme for object list, like in Pro
1.3.3 (Pro), 2013-08-23
- fixed data diff failure for tables having a lot of fields and multi-field primary key at the same time
1.3.2 (Pro), 2013-07-01
- fixed broken record navigation for data diff and object list
1.3.1 (Pro), 2013-06-17
- fixed "object reference..." errors on the Project and Batch Data Diff tabs in case if only one project is loaded
- fixed broken navigation from Find tab to text diff view
- fixed misc. total count visibility issues in object list and text diff view
- fixed Find tab layout for Windows 8
1.3.0 (Pro), 2013-06-15
- mde&accde files support
- fixed bug related to unpredictable scrolling in text diff and data grids when user clicks somewhere near the top/bottom of the visible part of the list
1.2.7 (Pro), 2013-06-12
- batch data diff - queries support
- batch data diff - highlight changed counts
1.2.6 (Pro), 2013-06-11
- data diff for queries
- object list - displaying icons for additional actions instead of text
- improved performance of data diff view for tables that have a lot of columns
0.5.4, 2013-06-11
- object list - displaying icons for additional actions instead of text
- table diff view - removed clipboard support since it was not working properly for some cases
1.2.5 (Pro), 2013-06-07
- total counts for data diff and object list diff
- "selected row" panel for text diff, data diff and object list diff
- fixed Open Protected dialog layout for Windows 8
1.2.4 (Pro), 2013-05-31
- fixed broken text layout for Windows 8 in text diff view and some dialogs
- copy to clipboard action and button for text diff, table diff and object list diff views
- updated instructions and support email on activation popup form
1.2.3 (Pro), 2013-05-25
- digital signature added to application and installer
- display and merge indices and relationships from table structure view
- table relationships merge
- fixed fields merge - merging fields with their attributes (such as AutoIncrement)
- fixed ValidationRule field property processing - it could be displayed as changed after merge
- allow installation upgrade
1.2.2 (Pro), 2013-04-04
- table relationships diff
- VBA project references diff
1.2.1 (Pro), 2013-03-29
- fixed broken excel export bug (was introduced in 1.2.0)
- field properties loading made optional to speed up fields merge when they are not necessary
- settings form
1.2.0 (Pro), 2013-03-22
- table structure diff tab - ability to merge fields and field properties
- fixed application fall into background after file open / import
- fixed Project tab links activity after objects merge
- fixed tables search in Find tab, earlier field data type could be detected as a match
1.1.0 (Pro), 2013-02-05
- support of password-protected files
- command line support
- full license keys provided on per user basis (instead of per computer)
1.0.1 (Pro), 2012-12-16
- fixed data diff failure for tables without primary keys
- fixed briken record navigation with Next/Previous buttons after opening table diff in changed records mode and the switching to all records mode
- fixed application failure log location - changed to application data folder, in order to avoid permission issues
- fixed data merge for string keys
1.0.0 (Pro), 2012-11-29
- initial version of AccdbMerge Pro
- batch data diff: allows to compare data for multiple tables
- export to Excel: generates Excel reports for object list, data diff and batch data diff
- righlight selected row and navigating through changed records with Next/Previous change buttons for text diff view and data diff view
- by-character comparison inside changed rows for text diff view
- find tab - drill-down links to occurrence with focus on target row in the text diff view
- compare tables with multi-column primary key
- more stable handling of database locks during project load and object import
0.5.3, 2012-10-19
- fixed a bug when corrupted query was preventing the file loading process
0.5.2, 2012-10-04
- changed text conparison algorithm, as a result some text comparison issues has been fixed
- ignore case/whitespace text comparison options
- fixed null reference error on new queries/forms/reports drilldown
- data diff for tables with multivalue/attachement fields made possible for Access 2007 installations (earlier there was an error), however the content of such fields is not being compared and displayed as N/A
- project tab UI adjustments - columns alignment and sorting object types in Access-native way (1. tables, 2. queries, etc.)
- handle unavailable linked tables errors
- omit hidden queries
- fixed module/layout switching bug
0.5.1, 2012-09-05
- object list made similar to data diff window, making easier to observe new/missed/changed objects
- show all, new, changed, new&changed objects and records
- "compare data" drilldown with "only new or changed" option
- compare module/layout separately for forms and reports
- allow multiple "find" tabs
- selection buttons moved to toolbar
- fixed tab navigation for already opened tabs
- fixed toolbar synchronization with current selection
0.4.2, 2012-05-08
- compare indented query text
0.4.1, 2012-05-06
- table data merge
- "find" tab
0.3.5, 2012-03-20
- performance improvements related to table diff (now it is being opened faster and larger tables can be loaded)
0.3.4, 2012-03-13
- fixed "The value '0' is not a valid value for the enum ' '" error in object compare window
- fixed localization issue when object text did contain non-english characters (processing this text with current system ANSI code page)
- updated error handling for cases when some objects cannot be read due to MS Access protection or some other reason
0.3.3, 2012-03-11
- performance improvements related to tab switching
0.3.2, 2012-03-05
- table diff - highlighting missed columns
0.3.1, 2012-03-04
- initial version of table diff
0.2.2, 2012-01-12
- open database files with Shift key pressed in order to bypass startup code/macros
0.2.1, 2012-01-10
- *.mdb files support
- changed layout of object list (date formats)
- grayscale disabled merge buttons
- initial presentation of table structure (field name, DAO field type, field size)
- deny tables merge (because it can affect existing relationships)
- fixed bug related to replacement of existing object
0.1.1, 2012-01-09
- initial version

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