KS DB Merge Tools
for MS Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
and MariaDB
for SQLite
for PostgreSQL

Compare and synchronize database schema and data

  • For MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL
  • Two-panel UI that is commonly used in industry-leading text-diff tools
  • Quick filters to show all/new/changed/new+changed
  • Merge changes in both directions
  • Free versions with basic features, available for commercial use
  • Pro versions with whole set of features at a reasonable price
  • MssqlMerge - Schema changes summary
    schema changes summary
    MssqlMerge - Data changes summary
    data changes summary (pro)
    MssqlMerge - Compare and synchronize data
    compare and merge records for the given table/view
    MssqlMerge - Compare and synchronize table definition
    sync table schema changes (pro)
    MssqlMerge - Compare non-table schema objects
    compare and merge changes for the given object type
    MssqlMerge - Compare object definition
    compare definition of the particular object
    MssqlMerge - Compare ad-hoc query result
    compare ad hoc query result (pro)