KS DB Merge Tools
for MS Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
and MariaDB
for SQLite
for PostgreSQL

Compare and synchronize PostgreSQL schema and data

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KS DB Merge Tools for PostgreSQL is an easy to use diff & merge tool for PostgreSQL databases:

  • Compare schema and data
  • Quick filters to show all/new/changed/new+changed
  • Merge changes in both directions
  • Free version with basic features, available for commercial use
  • Pro version with whole set of features at a reasonable price
  • Free Pro
    Price: Free, download Fully functional two weeks trial available, download
    While in Beta, this product is out of sale
    The expected price is going to be USD $50 for a personal license and USD $65 ~ $25 per user for companies and organizations (volume discounts)
    Supported DBMS: PostgreSQL 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14
    Compare schema & programming objects: Tables definitions diff only
    Stored procedures
    Tables definitions
    Stored procedures
    Compare data: Per table with limitations Per table
    Per view
    Batch data diff across multiple tables/views
    Any table/view vs any other table/view merge only if target updateable
    Any custom query result diff only
    Other Pro features: N/A Diff profiles
    Export to Excel
    Application customization
    Misc. other enhancements: diff totals, scrollbars colored with changes summary, navigation thru changes, advanced search, etc.