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What's New

1.1.4, 2023-01-26
- Free & Pro: Run data script dialog - new option 'Import existing serial or other auto-generated primary key values on INSERT'
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - add recent servers to db/ssh server dropdowns, with port and username; populate relevant fields (with passwords if were saved) on drowpdown item selection
- Free & Pro: Data diff tab - fix non-closeable progress on merge/delete script generation failure
- Free & Pro: Check for object/column names to be case-insentitive unique (fix 'An item with the same key has already been added' unknown error on database open)
- Free & Pro: Data diff tab - fix occasional 'index out of range' error on merge/delete all pages for table with changed columns
- Pro: Batch data diff - merge/delete actions made active allowing to process multiple selected tables
- Pro: New 'Batch data merge warning' dialog
- Pro: Execute data script - show table name with 'and N more' if processing more than 1 table from the Batch data diff
1.1.3, 2023-01-15
- Free & Pro: Msi - allow per-user installation, without UAC confirmation and Administrator privileges (upgrade from per-machine to per-user still requires Administrator privileges to uninstall previous per-machine version)
- Free & Pro: Msi - change images to application icon
- Free & Pro: Msi - option to launch after installation completion
1.1.2, 2023-01-11
- Free & Pro: Object list - don't re-create unchanged objects on merge
- Free & Pro: Object list - allow merge only if there are any new or changed item (deny if all items are unchanged)
- Free & Pro: Merge objects dialog - increase Execution result area, allow window resize/minimize/maximize
- Free & Pro: Merge data dialog - allow window resize/minimize/maximize
- Pro: Object list - ability to alter multiple tables
- Pro: Object list - show 'only column order changes' dialog for the relevant merge scenario
- Pro: Object list - DL (foreign key dependency level) column for tables with configurable visibility
- Pro: Settings - new tab 'Table Definitions', allowing to ignore column order, comments and index changes
- Pro: Batch data diff - DL columns (foreign key dependency level)
- Pro: Merge objects dialog - new 'Save to file' action for script and execution result
- Pro: Custom data diff - allow window resize/minimize/maximize
1.1.1, 2022-12-21
- Free & Pro: Data diff - case-insensitive primary key column match
- Free & Pro: Object list - handle connectivity failure on Refresh
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix sorting in the right panel on columns having case-sensitive changes
- Free & Pro: Object list - fix swapped progress panels on Refresh
- Pro: Handle copy to clipboard error (clipboard can be busy with some other app, https://stackoverflow.com/a/68857/282694)
- Pro: Batch data diff - Select row with single click (like in object list and data diff, instead of double)
- Pro: Batch data diff - Fix calculation of Total+New for the case of Common key = No (was SQL error before)
- Pro: Table structure diff - Case-insensitive match by name
1.1.0, 2022-11-28
- Free & Pro: Application redesign - update hyperlinks, grids, text, selection look & feel
- Free & Pro: Fix 'money' data type merge for case of system comma decimal separator
- Free & Pro: Object list - show function/prodedure names with arg types, fix overload mismatch
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix merge script generation for changed case of column names and custom mapping
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix rare occasional ArgumentOutOfRangeException on open (was 'unknown error' before)
- Free & Pro: Object list - object name hyperlink tooltips
- Free & Pro: Toolbar online help button
- Free & Pro: Data diff - add 'Paging'/'Page' label
- Free & Pro: More light app icon
- Pro: Data diff Excel export - output signed and unsigned byte-sized numbers as numbers, not as text
- Pro: Settings - Database open/reload label adjustments
- Pro: Object list - fix Changed indication in the scroll background
- Pro: Scroll background changes indication - more pale colors
- Free: Data diff - paging and page merge confirmation
- Free: Data diff - remove limitation on number of columns and key definition
- Free: Home tab - allow show new/all/changed
2022-10-27 important note
Verified compatibility with PostgreSQL 15
1.0.1, 2022-10-12
- Free & Pro: Update app icon (and fix compatibility mode icon)
1.0.0, 2022-09-12
- Free & Pro: Help pages
- Free & Pro: Open database dialog - fix nullref error on 'Test connection' without DB name
- Pro: Open database dialog - ability to connect by SSH
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix type names
- Pro: Table structure diff - remove 'Open SHOW CREATE TABLE result' button (not applicable for PostgreSQL tool)
- Pro: Home tab - change 'Open database from path in clipboard' command tooltip to 'Open database from connection string in clipboard'
0.9.0, 2022-09-09
- Pro: CREATE TABLE script - include indexes
- Pro: Table structure diff - Indexes section (with indexes not covered by constraints)
- Pro: Initial support of Sequences
0.8.0, 2022-09-08
- Free & Pro: CREATE TABLE script - include unique, FK, check and exclusion constraints
- Free & Pro: CREATE TABLE script - fix COLLATE duplicates
- Free & Pro: CREATE TABLE script - fix column comments
- Free & Pro: Object list - don't generate DROP statement on new items merge
- Free & Pro: Unknown error dialog - add 'recommended' for option 'Send error report and close'
- Free & Pro: Improve action logs for 'Unknown error' reports (merge/delete actions, table structure diff item selection)
- Pro: Table structure diff - Constraints section with all constraints except constraint triggers
- Pro: Table structure diff - deny column merge of there is only column order change
- Pro: Table structure diff - columns sort order type added (natural, by name, by key then by name)
0.7.0, 2022-08-09
- Free & Pro: Reading and showing column collation, in Pro shown as part of column Type
- Free & Pro: Support GENERATED STORED expressions (read, show, merge with new column, drop expressions)
- Free & Pro: Support GENERATED AS IDENTITY definitions (without sequence_options)
- Free & Pro: Support column comments
- Pro: Table structure diff - merge column type change, USING colname::typename for built-in types
- Pro: Table structure diff - merge nullability change
- Pro: Table structure diff - merge default value (set/drop)
0.6.0, 2022-07-27
- Free & Pro: Initial support for domain data types
- Free & Pro: Support for object identifier data types
- Free & Pro: Fix some failures of reading function overloads for PostgreSQL 11+
- Pro: Object list - fix Excel export
0.5.0, 2022-07-25
- Free & Pro: Support for range and multirange data types
- Free & Pro: Don't fail on function/SP overloads (same name, different arg count)
- Free & Pro: Npgsql reference updated (6.0.3 -> 6.0.5)
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - handle enum types properly (presentation and merge)
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - handle composite types properly (presentation and merge)
- Pro: Data diff - fix disablity to merge/delete for tables without PK and with custom key defined
0.4.0, 2022-07-20
- Free & Pro: Array types support (table definitions and data diff/merge)
- Free & Pro: Fix jsonb data merge
0.3.0, 2022-07-08
- Free & Pro: Support data types bit, bit varying, inet, cidr, macaddr, macaddr8, pg_lsn, pg_snapshot, txid_snapshot, tsvector, tsquery, 7 geometry types
- Pro: Data diff - fix broken sorting on primary key
0.2.0, 2022-05-17
- Free & Pro: License Info dialog - after trial/full key submission keep app in the pure Free mode until restart (previously some Pro features could become partially available and cause some errors)
- Pro: Home tab - add 'Diff profiles' section
- Pro: New tab - Diff profile editor, opened by click on loaded diff profile status on the Home tab
- Pro: Custom data diff - add 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Custom data diff - minor label adjustments
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - add 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Query result diff - 'Save to diff profile' option
- Pro: Batch data diff - optimize 'new only' calculation
- Pro: Batch data diff - calculate new/changed counts for views with defined key
- Pro: Batch data diff - 'Common primary key' renamed to 'Common key' and now includes keys defined in the diff profile
0.1.0, 2022-04-22
- Free & Pro: Initial public version