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It is currently the only first-person page on this web site. I fear that people can be afraid of single-person project. Many of us think that it is more safe to work with company rather than with individual. But I in my life I had lot of opposite experience - for example I keep to use an excellent Total Commander, but my favorite Google Reader is dead.

I have the Applied Mathematics specialist degree. I have started my professional programming career in 2002. Starting from 2003 I was doing lot of MS Access and VBA part-time programming for a few years. Later I've applied that experience on Elance&oDesk (corrently both combined to Upwork). oDesk had own testing suite, I've got pretty good MS Access score (3rd place in one of tests) followed by number of successful contracts with positive feedback. I had to work with large amount of projects and had to track different versions of each project. I did not use usual version control system like git/svn/etc, but I was tracking all revisions with file system and had a big need of being able to compare different versions of the same project, all components - table structure, forms, modules, etc. I was trying to find a tool that could help me to track these changes, but they were either bad, or expensive, or both. So I've decided to make my own.

That was the born of AccdbMerge. Few months later I came to an understanding that it is somethting worth to share and I've made it public for free. After numerous downloads and lots of different feedbacks - mostly positive for those who had an environment similar to what I use, and some bug reports from those who had some other MS Access use cases which I was not aware of. It turned out that it requires lot of minor refinement and support work, much larger than to provide initial primary functionality. All this took too much time and I had to introduce the Pro version to compensate some portion of that time.

About one year later I had pretty good working AccdbMerge on the one hand and some MS-SQL experience on the other hand and I've decided to make a fork of AccdbMerge for MS SQL database - that was the MssqlMerge. And in 2018 I had some spare time (due to the broken leg, ha-ha) to make it possible to do the same for MySQL and SQLite. MySQL was the first and once initial version was complete - it turned out that there are at least 3 projects on GitHub named "MysqlMerge" - my product naming system that was working in 2012 and 2014 for AccdbMerge and MssqlMerge - it was broken! So I've decided to call it just "KS DB Merge Tools".

Until the fall of 2021, this was a part-time job. It was quite difficult to combine this with a full-time job, a wife and three children. Starting in September 2021, I decided to "get some rest" and focus on this project, so now it is my full-time activity (my wife blames me that it is more than full-time).

For someone who can have concerns regarding quality. Any non-trivial software has bugs. I personally found some probably new issues in Access (messages 2021-08-03 and 2022-10-01) and SQLite and met some already reported issues in MySQL/MariaDB. I try to involve QA persons from time to time, but for now I can not afford to do this every release. At the same time it would take too much time to check each and every feature by one person. To minimize any kind of regressions, I have a suite of UI automation tests for each product, here is the demo of test execution for my tool for SQLite - as of 01/01/2022 it is 712 tests taking 3 hours to run (in demo it's all compressed into 1.5 minutes). By the way, that's one of the reasons why most of my tools are 32-bit only: another exe would double test execution time to check both 32-bit and 64-bit.

You may be wondered that list of supported database management systems is a bit promiscuous. The explanation is simple - it is based on my own experience.

Well, that's all for now..


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