KS DB Merge Tools
for Microsoft Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
for SQLite

Batch data diff tab

  • Opened from: Batch data diff toolbar action (Ctrl+Shift+B keyboard shortcut) and from Project tab
  • Applicable tab-specific toolbar actions:
    • Show all, new and changed, new, changed
    • Jump to the next, previous change
    • Select all, none, invert selection on the left, all, none, invert selection on the right: selection can be changed using any of left or right selection buttons
    • Export to Excel
  • Applicable object types: Tables and Views

This tab allows to compare data for multiple tables and views, providing summary of data changes for the whole database:

Top panel contains:

  • Run action, which also available by F5 keyboard shortcut
  • a number of self-descriptive execution options which are available with Alt and action key from keyboard. Action key is underlined when you hit the Alt key. So, for example Alt+V shortcut switches 'Show views' option
  • quick filter button that allows to filter object list by name. This can be very convenient for large object lists. This action also available with Alt+F keyboard shortcut

Free version limitations:

  • The whole tab is not available

Last updated: 2021-08-04