KS DB Merge Tools
for Microsoft Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
and MariaDB
for SQLite

What's New

1.4.2, 2021-11-11
- Free & Pro: Fix showing 'new version released' for the same version
- Free & Pro: MariaDB - update script generation and merge logic for column DEFAULT values
- Free & Pro: MariaDB - update script generation for foreign keys - exclude default RESTRICT clause
- Free: Make Refresh action available
1.4.1, 2021-11-09
- Free & Pro: Fix broken comparison of binary/blob values
- Free & Pro: Data diff - truncate varchar, tinytext, mediumtext and longtext data on UI to 100 chars (the same way as for char and text)
- Add Refresh action applicable for Data diff and Object list tabs
- Table structure diff tab - fix missing size for bit data type
1.4.0, 2021-11-01
- Free & Pro: Tab toolbar actions moved inside tab, into the panel splitter
- Free & Pro: Check for updates implemented for future updates. Can be disabled using 'Information about current license' dialog (blue 'i' toolbar button)
- Free & Pro: Table definitions - use script generated by application instead of SHOW CREATE TABLE result
- Free & Pro: Enable legacyUnhandledExceptionPolicy to avoid crash after background thread error
- Free & Pro: More usage of system control background color
- Free & Pro: Minor text adjustments in the activation and settings dialogs
- Pro: Table structure diff tab - restored and redesigned, allowing to merge/delete columns, constraints and indexes
- Pro: Project tab - removed "Indexes (non-primary)". Indexes, including PRIMARY KEY are managed now using Table structure diff tab
- Pro: Project tab - removed "MERGE NEW ONLY" mark for Table definitions since now they can be edited using Table structure diff tab
- Pro: Object list - fix Replace action tooltips for foreign keys
1.3.1, 2021-06-04
- Free & Pro: Toolbar - showing tooltips on disabled buttons, with disable reason
- Free & Pro: Open databases dialog - 'Save passwords' option added
- Free & Pro: Increase row heights of some grids (to be the same as for data diff)
- Free & Pro: Open databases dialog - 'Test connectivity' actions
- Free & Pro: Object list - performance improvements for large amount of objects
- Pro: Open databases dialog - SSH connectivity support
- Pro: Project tab - ability to show new/changed lines only
- Pro: Project tab - update presentation of DB port number
1.3.0, 2021-03-10
- Free & Pro: For now Table structure diff tab replaced with Text diff tab because 1) it is not enough to cover all table options, and 2) to provide consistency between object list bottom text preview, table definition and table merge text. Table script is taken as SHOW CREATE TABLE result without table options (particularly to avoid AUTO_INCREMENT changes which are caused by data)
- Free & Pro: Project reload dialog simplified
- Free & Pro: Fix app start failure caused by FIPS
- Free & Pro: Updated app icon
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix failure caused by mapping duplicates
1.2.2, 2021-02-05
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fixed 'index out of range' error for some cases when compared tables have different number of columns and there are new rows
- Free & Pro: License activation dialog - minor help text updates
- Free: Find tab - fixed nullref error and reduced results
1.2.1, 2020-12-10
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fixed column headers truncated text for 100% windows scaling
- Pro: Query result diff - fix missing data changes highlight
1.2.0, 2020-12-07
- Free & Pro: Updated MySqlConnector to 1.2.0, tested MariaDB compatibility
- Free & Pro: Data diff - show NULL values explicitely
- Free & Pro: Data diff - using local cache for string and binary data and for data merge scripts, this should fix most of out-of-memory errors which could appear before; on UI strings are truncated to 100 characters
- Free & Pro: New 'Execute data script' dialog with options to run as transaction and stop of first error, new option to save script and results to file (save whole script to file and clipboard are available for Pro only)
- Free & Pro: New instanceId algorithm (to reduce collisions), updated trial activation server and logic
- Free & Pro: Data diff - mark key columns in headers
- Free & Pro: License text and installation folder updated with new ThirdPartyNotices.txt file
- Free & Pro: Handle AccessViolationException
- Pro: Ability to delete and merge table definitions (MERGE NEW ONLY)
- Pro: Foreign keys support
- Pro: Indexes support
- Pro: Text diff - ability to show new/changed lines only
- Pro: Data diff - 'No comparison key(s)' and 'Sorting on non-key column(s)' result warnings
- Pro: Data diff - 'Compare definition' action, 'Column mapping' action changed from text to icon
- Pro: Text diff - 'Compare data' actions
- Pro: Project tab - export to Excel
1.1.3, 2020-01-20
- Free & Pro: Improved unexpected errors handling and logging
- Pro: Data diff - fixed some failures on jump previous/next change
1.1.2, 2020-01-13
- Free & Pro: Project tab - added 'Recent projects' bottom panel
1.1.1, 2019-08-04
- Free & Pro: Online help on F1 keyboard shortcut
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - don't show if there are no columns to choose
1.1.0, 2019-07-25
- Free & Pro: Tab icons
- Free & Pro: Project panel object type icons
- Free & Pro: Dynamic tab header width (max value configurable in Settings)
- Free & Pro: Some uncommon tab-specific actions moved to the separate toolbar
- Free & Pro: Deny visual (not actual) object/row deletion from some data grids (object list, data diff, query result diff, custom data diff, table structure diff)
- Free & Pro: Find tab - acceleration keys, Alt+S (search for), Alt+L (left project) Alt+R (right project), Alt+W (match whole word), Alt+C (match case)
- Free & Pro: Rename field -> column in UI (data diff tab, query result diff tab, query key columns dialog, custom data diff dialog)
- Free & Pro: Minor tooltip text update for select all/none actions
- Pro: Object list text diff preview
- Free: Allow sorting only on single-column primary key (was broken by background processing in 0.2.0)
1.0.1, 2019-05-31
- Free & Pro: Show loaded project names in application title
- Pro: Query result diff - fix STA error for basic and customized field mappings
- Pro: Query diff view - remove "no paging" label (AccdbMerge artefact)
1.0.0, 2019-05-23
- Pro: Diff overview in scrollbar (for object list, data diff, text diff, batch data diff, query result diff, table structure diff)
- Pro: Data diff - fix sorting (was broken by background processing)
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix some jump prev/next issues related to sorting
- Pro: Excel - fix always-plus 'exists in' value for object list and table structure diff
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix missing project names in excel export
- Pro: Query result diff - fix error on row selection by space
0.2.0, 2019-03-30
- Free & Pro: Data diff - run in background
- Free & Pro: Project reload warning and options
- Free & Pro: Zoom button splinted into separate zoom in / zoom out buttons
- Free & Pro: Database open dialog - remember last server names, port, 'use both' and 'display password' flags
- Free & Pro: Improved processing of unexpected failures
- Free & Pro: Improved database object reading error handling
- Free & Pro: open dialog - fixed lock on left port and username when you open only right DB
- Pro: Batch data diff - column sorting
- Pro: Settings - new 'Appearance' tab with 'Don't resize toolbar on application zoom' option
- Pro: Command line - /srv /port /db /user /psw keys support (with Left/Right suffix each)
0.1.5, 2019-02-15
- Free & Pro: Product renamed to 'KS DB Merge Tools for MySQL'
- Free & Pro: Append SQL data access for non-deterministic functions and stored procedures
- Free & Pro: Reading routine comments for functions and stored procedures
- Free & Pro: Open dialog usability fixes (tab order, saving Save/Load expanded state)
- Free & Pro: Start license dialog keyboard navigation improvements, updated Help text
- Free: Object list - fixed blocked by-mouse selection of the top item in list
0.1.4, 2018-11-23
- Free & Pro: Object list - fix broken drilldown to table structure only if one side loaded
- Pro: Data diff - fix paging
0.1.3, 2018-11-21
- Free & Pro: Fix duplicate key error on some projects load (use case sensitive db name filter on project load)
0.1.2, 2018-11-13
- Free & Pro: Initial public version