KS DB Merge Tools
for Microsoft Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
for SQLite

What's New

1.1.1, 2019-08-04
- Free & Pro: Online help on F1 keyboard shortcut
- Pro: Query key columns dialog - don't show if there are no columns to choose
1.1.0, 2019-07-25
- Free & Pro: Tab icons
- Free & Pro: Project panel object type icons
- Free & Pro: Dynamic tab header width (max value configurable in Settings)
- Free & Pro: Some uncommon tab-specific actions moved to the separate toolbar
- Free & Pro: Deny visual (not actual) object/row deletion from some data grids (object list, data diff, query result diff, custom data diff, table structure diff)
- Free & Pro: Find tab - acceleration keys, Alt+S (search for), Alt+L (left project) Alt+R (right project), Alt+W (match whole word), Alt+C (match case)
- Free & Pro: Rename field -> column in UI (data diff tab, query result diff tab, query key columns dialog, custom data diff dialog)
- Free & Pro: Minor tooltip text update for select all/none actions
- Pro: Object list text diff preview
- Free: Allow sorting only on single-column primary key (was broken by background processing in 0.2.0)
1.0.1, 2019-05-31
- Free & Pro: Show loaded project names in application title
- Pro: Query result diff - fix STA error for basic and customized field mappings
- Pro: Query diff view - remove "no paging" label (AccdbMerge artefact)
1.0.0, 2019-05-23
- Pro: Diff overview in scrollbar (for object list, data diff, text diff, batch data diff, query result diff, table structure diff)
- Pro: Data diff - fix sorting (was broken by background processing)
- Pro: Batch data diff - fix some jump prev/next issues related to sorting
- Pro: Excel - fix always-plus 'exists in' value for object list and table structure diff
- Pro: Table structure diff - fix missing project names in excel export
- Pro: Query result diff - fix error on row selection by space
0.2.0, 2019-03-30
- Free & Pro: Data diff - run in background
- Free & Pro: Project reload warning and options
- Free & Pro: Zoom button splinted into separate zoom in / zoom out buttons
- Free & Pro: Database open dialog - remember last server names, port, 'use both' and 'display password' flags
- Free & Pro: Improved processing of unexpected failures
- Free & Pro: Improved database object reading error handling
- Free & Pro: open dialog - fixed lock on left port and username when you open only right DB
- Pro: Batch data diff - column sorting
- Pro: Settings - new 'Appearance' tab with 'Don't resize toolbar on application zoom' option
- Pro: Command line - /srv /port /db /user /psw keys support (with Left/Right suffix each)
0.1.5, 2019-02-15
- Free & Pro: Product renamed to 'KS DB Merge Tools for MySQL'
- Free & Pro: Append SQL data access for non-deterministic functions and stored procedures
- Free & Pro: Reading routine comments for functions and stored procedures
- Free & Pro: Open dialog usability fixes (tab order, saving Save/Load expanded state)
- Free & Pro: Start license dialog keyboard navigation improvements, updated Help text
- Free: Object list - fixed blocked by-mouse selection of the top item in list
0.1.4, 2018-11-23
- Free & Pro: Object list - fix broken drilldown to table structure only if one side loaded
- Pro: Data diff - fix paging
0.1.3, 2018-11-21
- Free & Pro: Fix duplicate key error on some projects load (use case sensitive db name filter on project load)
0.1.2, 2018-11-13
- Free & Pro: Initial public version