KS DB Merge Tools
for Microsoft Access
aka AccdbMerge
for SQL Server
aka MssqlMerge
for MySQL
and MariaDB
for SQLite

About Softpedia awards

When author decided to share his product with others (at the very beginning it was only AccdbMerge), he has started to share links in related Q&A sites like Stackoverflow and to publish it in software catalogs, Softpedia was the most famous one. Largely due to this these products become more or less popular.

All these applications are build with Microsoft .NET framework and it has one disadvantage for desktop applications - the source code can be easily extracted. So author had to use obfuscation which makes this a bit harder. Unfortunately the same methods of obfuscation are used by some viruses and many antivirus products started to detect AccdbMerge as a malware. Softpedia was one the first who has reported this and author really appreciates this. Author got acquanted with virustotal.com which was probably used by Softpedia and had to do lot of things to prevent this issue - to buy a code sign certificate and to write lot of false-positive reports to the different AV companies. Issue was resolved for the most part - all popular AV products were detecting AccdbMerge and MssqlMerge as good, but still from time to time some unpopular AV products were detecting author's products as malware and what's the most terrible sometimes there were no response to false-positive reports. So author has stopped to send updates to Softpedia because it was taking too many efforts to proof that the software is not harmful. Instead, author checks each update on virustotal.com himself and if any issue is found for any popular AV product or if some AV-related issue reported by customer - he investigates this issue and sends false-positive reports.

Recently author has got confirmation from Softpedia that detections from less-popular AV products can be accepted so he is planning to resume publishing of new versions in the future. But now it will require some efforts to update PAD files for old products and prepare new PAD files for new products. Author currently prefer to spend these efforts on making his products better rather than more popular.