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What's New

1.1.0, 2022-12-03
- Free & Pro: Update hyperlinks, grids, text, selection look & feel
- Free & Pro: Do not consider table name difference as a table change (otherwise for example same columns but DBMS with vs without schema provides all changed tables)
- Free & Pro: Object list - object name hyperlink tooltips
- Free & Pro: Data diff - add 'Page'/'Paging' label
- Free & Pro: Toolbar online help button
- Pro: Scroll background changes indication - more pale colors, fixed Changed indication in the object list
1.0.1, 2022-11-18
- Free & Pro: Data merge - fix some script generation issues for system comma decimal separator
- Free: Allow custom data diff from toolbar and don't trigger it if no key on data diff (same way as in Pro but wihtout views)
1.0.0, 2022-11-16
- Free & Pro: Provide table definition text as pseudo-sql instead of csv
- Free & Pro: Database open dialog - take last data from recent list (dbms per side, rest of data per dbms)
- Free & Pro: Object list - show creted/modified coulmns as N/A if corresponding metadata can not be retrieved from DB
- Free & Pro: Fix comparison failure of MySQL/MariaDB tinyint(1) data type which is synonym of boolean, read such columns as a number the same way as other tinyint options
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix merge script generation for changed case of column names and custom mapping
- Free & Pro: Database reload dialog
- Pro: Query result diff tab
- Pro: Export to Excel (Home, Object list, Data diff, Batch data diff, Query result diff, Table structure diff tabs)
- Pro: Table structure diff - compare data without mapping prompt, the same way as from Object list
- Pro: Settings dialog
- Pro: Custom data diff - deny Key and Compare mapping type if one sides has Other data type
- Pro: Object list - 'Open in Query result diff' item action
- Pro: Table structure diff - show native type name attributes (like size and so on, earlier was available only for SQLite)
- Pro: Home tab panels - show separate Batch data diff buttons for tables and views
- Pro: Object list - deny 'Compare selected' for items selected for the same database
- Free: Data diff paging and page merge confirmation
- Free: Object list - allow 'Compare selected' for items selected for different databases
- Free: Data diff - remove limitation on number of columns and primary key column count
- Free: Allow to compare data from table definition text diff
- Free: Home tab - allow show new/all/changed
0.4.0, 2022-11-09
- Free & Pro: Read Access files without Access (only DB engine needed)
- Free & Pro: Fix a number of issues of comparability and mergeability for SQLite blob, boolean and datetimes
- Free & Pro: Data diff - fix rare occasional ArgumentOutOfRangeException on open (was 'unknown error' before)
0.3.0, 2022-11-07
- Free & Pro: Fix a number of issues of comparability and mergeability between SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL
- Free & Pro: Make Other generic type not comparable
- Free & Pro: Fix some cases of failures of script generation for numeric values MySQL target
- Free & Pro: SQLite - fix incorrect value retreival for tinyint negative numbers
- Free & Pro: Fix DateTime generic type detection for date/datetime SQLite native types
- Free & Pro: More light app icon (for dark theme)
0.2.0, 2022-10-11
- Free & Pro: Fix compatibility mode shortcut icon
- Free & Pro: Table text preview - add 'Primary Key' Yes/No column
- Free & Pro: Data diff - ingore case searching for compatible primary key columns
- Free & Pro: Open DB dialog - hide port for SQL Server to allow to connect with non-TCP protocols. Port can be specified with server using comma, like for SQL Server connection strings and MssqlMerge.
- Pro: Batch data diff - initial implementation
- Pro: Custom data diff - fix dialog open from toolbar
0.1.0, 2022-10-06
- Free & Pro: Initial public version